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Divine Torture started sometime in 2003 with Ikabod Cranium on Vocals & friend Mike Young as the original bassist. It was Mikey that recruited the first of several drummers, John aka & I hate that I’m typing this, “Poptart” & Trevor, currently known as “The Hellacious Doctor Dazzle”.

That Current line up lasted for about a whole two weeks or so after realizing things weren’t working. I think first to part was Mikey & he was then replaced by Josh Lawler.  Soon, very soon after, John was gone & we got Mitch but he didn’t last long & Josh moved over to drums, his native instrument.

So here is where things almost started to get strong… We had Ikabod Cranium on vocals, Guitar was Trevor, & Josh handling the drums. We brought in our friends Alicia to play bass for a short time & even Tony Z, now of Immortal Synn “fame” on rhythm guitar. We thought we finally had something…

We were wrong… We lost the 2 latter people up there,

but Ikabod, Trevor, & Josh kept at it for a lil longer…

But it just seems things weren’t meant to last.

After some internal differences the band all but fell apart.

Ikabod refused to let Divine Torture die. He had a friend who played drums, & said friend had a roommate who played guitar. So in comes Flemloke & Kevin.  No bassist yet though.

Turns out Kevin wasn’t working out too well either, so

Flemloke moved to guitar & in came Mike Whiz on

drums. Still no bass, but this time songs where actually

being written & staying solid & it was with this line up

that Divine Torture had it’s first show. It was a New Years

House Party, but a show none the less.  I think that was

2006 into 2007 or so. May have been 07 to 08… Not sure.


Due to more personal turmoil we lost Flemloke but picked up Justin Bruno & Dave Lee on guitar.  We got a good number of songs & played our first show with that

line up at a big giant house party called Rusty’s Out Fest in summer of 2010. We even played a few more small bar shows with that lineup before that fell apart.

That is when Trevor rejoined & the lineup & with him we brought in Matt, aka BooBoo on Bass, & Zack Brubaker was playing the drums. The first live performance with this lineup was actually a 1 song premier for T.S.A. It wasn’t a full show for us even. Trevor’s other band at the time, Black was playing & we did the 1 song. This was actually just before Matt joined us.

We did another few shows with this line up before it again crumbled.


Ikabod was again on his own & Divine Torture was just an idea. 

That's when Andy, aka M.D.A.M. came into the picture. With him on drums, Ikabod got in contact with a friend who auditioned for one of the past iterations of D.T. but didn't make the cut at the time. With Brian Dickey on guitar now, we started writing again. Soon after we brought in Daniel Leal to also play guitar & Marshall on bass. 

In 2011 this line up played its first show at Cervantes & even a few other shows & house parties. 

This lineup fell apart after Brian & Daniel wanted to take over full creative control & both quit the band expecting Andy & Marshall to do the same & just follow along. Marshall did wind up leaving, but for different reasons. 

Andy never left & at that point Trevor rejoined & as of now, we are basically into the current & most powerful run of Divine Torture yet. 

We have since went through a couple rhythm guitarists like Scott & Andrew Locke.  Also a few bassists such as Chad, aka Doogie Howser MC, aka G-Wiz & John Stoffel, Dave Arbus & Andre Demitre-Whitehair who now reps Goat Hill Massacre at the time of writing this.  but currently we seem to be staying strong since 2013 or so, performing with acts such as Denver’s own Cephalic Carnage as well as other national touring bands such as Cognitive, Darkest Hour, Macabre, & Ingested.


With Ikabod, M.D.A.M., & The Hellacious Doctor Tre-Tron Dazzle staying strong & currently rounding out the lineup is Scott but this time on bass, we are finally done with our first EP titled, “Music to Goro Stomp You To”.

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